Introducing the new super snack that's sweeping Singapore by storm! 
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100% fresh. organic. HALAL-CERTIFIED. vegan-friendly. gluten-free. zero trans fat. 
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Made using the freshest organic shiitake with not more than 1% of seasoning content. The shiitakes are dehydrated with state-of-the-art technology that preserves the beautiful shape of the shiitake, while preserving ALL the nutrients!
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did you know... We supply our fresh mushrooms to haidilao, as well as these other restaurants:
Change the way you snack!
  •  Shrooms Bites come in the full shape of shiitake mushrooms.
  •  Contains less than 1% of seasoning content.
  •  Our snacks fully preserve the umami flavour of mushrooms you know and love.
  •  Ultra crispy! 
  •  Perfect on its own or with an ice cold beer.
  •  Great substitute for breadcrumbs with soup and salads.
Trust us - you're gonna need more than one packet!
Singaporeans are going crazy over these mind-blowing snacks!

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Our secret to freshness
Our farms in Johor are only an hour's drive away from the border.
Our mushrooms are grown far away from aerial pollutants of the city, and no pesticides or chemical fertilisers are used in the farming process.
They're handpicked and packaged immediately, then transported in our very own refrigerated shrooms mobile - ensuring 100% freshness!
full flavour. zero guilt.
Mushrooms are powerfully nutritious.

They are low in calories, fat-free, cholesterol-free, gluten-free, and very low in sodium,

Yet they provide important nutrients, including selenium,
potassium, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin D and more!

Combining our sustainable farming methods with an extremely low amount of seasoning, we've created a snack that's truly healthy and tasty!
normally SGD$31.40
now only SGD$22!
"This exclusive discount is part of a limited-time offer. When it's over, it's over! After this run, you can only purchase Shroom Bites in retail stores at their usual price."
Superfoods straight to your door.
At Mushroom Kingdom, we believe that the first step to a better you starts with the food you put on your plate.

We believe that healthy and wholesome food should be accessible and affordable to everyone.

That's why we've combined organic, natural produce with advanced farming techniques, providing the very best and freshest that we have to offer straight to your doorsteps.

Taste the difference today!
normally SGD$31.40
get all 3 delivered now for only SGD$22!
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